Via Fairy Meadows/Mt. Fernie’s North Bowl. Save for a late season day when avy debris has covered up the slide alder down low.

Start at Fernie’s visitor centre or, if feeling rebellious and lazy, Alpine Trails subdivision and through the ominously signed water treatment facility. Feeling defiant, I chose the latter. Skin up Fairy Creek past the water treatment facility and switch-back up a 30* NE facing slope at approximately 49°32’33”, -115°06’03”. Stick to the skier’s left drainage on your way up, since there is less bushwacking.

FALL 2018 UPDATE: A low-impact ski access trail has been cut up this slope. Keep an eye out for it – it will make your life much easier!!


View looking SW after reaching the colloquially named “Fairy Meadows” towards some big-boy/girl lines coming off Mt. Fernie. In keeping with local tradition, I am sure someone has also taken the liberty of naming these lines, just not sure what they are! Such beautiful terrain!!


After topping out on a high point below Mt. Fernie, I decided to explore the drainage to the east of the one I ascended. I Wouldn’t recommend this east drainage as it felt flatter and more densely treed than the west drainage. You can also drop off the ridge and ski the south-facing chutes above town to a waiting car, or skin back along the powerline at the bottom.




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